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Yes, get a product called emailrobot at ($395), do a form
on the webpage which can send a email to that emailrobot, emailrobot will
decode the mail and parse it into the SQL, one SQL client licesne only.

Folks, all of you should look that product, it will manage the mailbox as
mailing list, it will parse all your customer's enquiry into ODBC database,
perfect for Knowledge Base application. It will automactically response to
sender depend on any part of the message, and it comes with VBScript engine,
you can customize anyway you want. If you guys visit that site, please
mention my name, because I am trying to strike a deal with them, certainly
will help me. ;-)



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Subject: [Emerald] SQL Server Internet Connector

>We're currently working on a "On-Line Signup Project". New customers will
>able to open a new account from the web. We're using Emerald 2.5 and SQL
>I've a question regarding SQL server and its licencing requirements when
>in above situations. We came across the Internet Connector liscense for SQL
>which costs around 2500$. Do we have to purchase this liscense in order to
>our SQL server in such an online signup process? Does anyone have a clue?
>there anyway to use it without the liscense?
>Thanks in advance.
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