[Emerald] Failed 2.5 Upgrade

David Mulberry ( (no email) )
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 09:01:07 -0500

I decided to go ahead and try RC3 of 2.5, now I wish I had waited a little
longer. I followed the recommendations for creating a second database call
Emerald25 and copied the Emerald database into it (I don't have a second SQL
server so these databases are on the same machine) . I ran the update
scripts (ran the database upgrade from Emerald Admin)on the Emerald25
database and then tried to connect to the db with a 2.5 client.

I get all kinds of errors related to tables being empty....
Groups Code table
Regions Code table
Account Types etc etc....

Once I get through those errors Emerald loads and I attempt to go into a
user account and I get the error "User Account Not Found"

I have tried updating the database again... same result

This wouldn't bother me to much but now when I go into my Emerald 2.1 client
(connecting to the original Emerald db) and try to access an account I get
"Pay Period Not Found" and then a "13:Type mismatch"

I haven't done anything to the original Emerald db...

Any help is appreciated,


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