Re: [Emerald] Emerald 2.5: Invoices paid?

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 10:12:13 -0500

FWIW, people, as soon as I got the echo message below, I changed the
security on both servers. Don't bother to tell me I screwed up -- I know.

The ONE jerk (other than Dale, who is not a Jerk) you who did log in, I
have a log of the session and will be contacting you privately.

At 09:43 AM 12/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>The original is at, TCP connections enabled AFAIK.
>Username: range
>Password: spamoco
>The 2.5-upgraded is at and (unfortunately) has NO password
>security on it (they were all scripted with NULL passwords and I haven't
>updated that yet).
>The invoices that I (and Emerald 2.1) believe should be listed as unpaid are:
>The only one showing up as unpaid in 2.5 is one that has since been paid in
>the 2.1 incarnation:
>Thanks for anything you can do here. If TCP/IP isn't enabled for these
>servers, I can grant pcAnywhere access via TCP/IP to them if you have that
>At 12:36 AM 12/8/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>Jeff Woods wrote:
>>> >> I love the new search options. However, in the Invoices manager, if I
>>> >> click on "Show unpaid invoices only" it only shows ONE invoice. I
>>> >> there are more outstanding than that. (The other outstanding ones do
>>> >> appear in the list if I load in ALL invoices).
>>> >
>>> >Do you have the "Only Show last invoice" option checked?
>>> You misunderstand me. It shows one single solitary invoice, say for
>>> "Company A". I *know* that "Company B", "Company C", and "Company D"
>>> (among others) also have unpaid invoices. They show(ed) up properly in
>>> Emerald 2.1. They are not showing up in Emerald 2.5 -- in essence,
2.5 is
>>> telling me that these invoices for the other companies are already paid.
>>I'd need to look at your DB, then. It sounds like there isn't something
>>right with it. Could be a problem with the transfer. If you send me
>>connection info directly, I'll take a look.
>>Dale E. Reed Jr. (
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