Re: [Emerald] Feature Request before release: add CC Field for Bills too Auto-Billing via E-Mail

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 00:33:43 -0800

Rudy Komsic wrote:
> Hmmm, I was wondering is there a way of making Emerald send a Duplicate
> Invoice lets say to account for printout? for example... set up to 2-3 CC
> (Carbon Copy) field per Domain name or company...

Do you want to print out a copy of the invoice, or CC several email
addresses when the original goes out?

> This way, if our database is shared between several companies who charges the
> clients, The Master Domain (ISP) will get a CC of it and also the Shared
> company (Virtual ISP) will also get a CC of the Invoice. This will help with
> accounting purposes who need to enter this info into other software or need to
> print out the actual Invoice to keep in the file system.

It seems like it would be easier to do this in a seperate batch to make
information easier to import. Its a very interesting idea, though.

> Just a handy feature to add to help companies who do the billing and need
> physical proof of the Invoice.

Currently we have a code freeze on new features, so it won't be in the
2.5 release, but I'll not it for a possible future addition.

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