[Emerald] Feature Request before release: add CC Field for Bills too Auto-Billing via E-Mail

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 14:06:19 -0500

Hmmm, I was wondering is there a way of making Emerald send a Duplicate
Invoice lets say to account for printout? for example... set up to 2-3 CC
(Carbon Copy) field per Domain name or company...

This way, if our database is shared between several companies who charges the
clients, The Master Domain (ISP) will get a CC of it and also the Shared
company (Virtual ISP) will also get a CC of the Invoice. This will help with
accounting purposes who need to enter this info into other software or need to
print out the actual Invoice to keep in the file system.

Just a handy feature to add to help companies who do the billing and need
physical proof of the Invoice.

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>Brandon Bryant wrote:
>> So Send Bill only applies to Email billing? It has no impact on
>> generating paper invoices?
>Correct. It allows one or more of the services to receive a COPY of
>the invoice in email (the services have an Email account, no the
>MBR). This way if you have a company that multiple people want a
>copy of the invoice, but others should not receive a copy, you can
>pick the ones to receive it.
>Printed invoices are always sent to the billing contact on the master
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