Re: [Emerald] consolidation

Will LaSala ( )
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 09:38:28 -0500

207 fixes the consolidation part I think.
I've got it summarizing at least, I'm going to test the rest of it later
this afternoon.
BUT The summary really seemed to tax the server.
Maybe it was just my server but I didn't see any changes.txt file to tell
what's been fixed.
Do you have a changes.txt file so I can see what's been fixed?
Thanks a bunch and sorry for all the calls.
Will ,,,=^. .^=,,,
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From: Tommy Cheng <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, December 03, 1998 8:28 PM
Subject: Re: [Emerald] consolidation

>Actually you are right. I just downloaded 2.5.204 and it fixed "Object
>424 error". It also fixed the part where search "Show Unpaid Invoices
>Only" is working properly. I haven't tried the consolidation, but I
>will give a shot later on tonight.
>Will LaSala wrote:
>> Tommy,
>> I'm having the same problem with the calls consolidation.
>> >From what I understand it's a known bug that he's working on ironing
>> HOWEVER, the Object 424 error you get has been fixed in the next release
>> think 201)
>> P.S. Dale- correct if I'm wrong...;-)
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