[Emerald] consolidation

Tommy Cheng ( tommycheng@pcmagic.net )
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 01:54:58 -0800


I am tring to run consolidation on Emerald 2.5.139 and I always get this
error message "No Consolidation Needed". I know I didn't run the
consolidation procedure for at least a month. I deleted all the views
and procedures and ran Emerald Admn to recreate them. After I granted
premission to the new views and procedures, I tried to run the
consolidation again and it still won't work. Then, I checked with
Emerald Admn and I see 432717 records for month of Nov. I can't press
the trim button because it is not available. I checked Calls table and
made sure that Status=Null. What could be wrong?

Also I emailed you the user name and password to attach to my SQL server
and I haven't got back from you yet. Can you look at my database to see
why I am getting "Emerald Error, 424: object required" everytime I am
trying to save services. Thanks. :)