[Emerald] Calls online not updating after addition of second NAS

Ralph L. Widmar ( (no email) )
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 09:49:38 -0800

We have been running Emerald 2.2.11 successfully for nearly a year, and our
company has grown to the point where we added a second Computone PowerRack.
The original Computone was working great with Emerald, calls online was
updating just fine, and everyone was happy.

When we added the second Computone, we made sure to add it to the client
file with the appropriate secret, and configured serverports in Emerald
admin. After a system reset, we began to receive calls online from the new
computone, but not from the original box. Then after a few hours it stopped
updating and left people stranded online. We cleared these users so that
they can log in, but we are at a loss as to the reason why calls online is
blown. Radius authentication is working fine, so it is transparent to our
customers, but it is driving us crazy.

I suspect that this is a calls trigger problem in SQL, but I don't know
enough about that to feel comfortable poking around there. Any ideas?