RE: [Emerald] Faxing invoices?

Brandon Bryant ( )
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 12:38:24 -0500

Good question.. What's a good fax server software to run? What would be
the easiest and most reliable? MS Fax Services comes to mind first since
it's there and all, but Cheyenne makes one and of course several other
people do too. I guess it would have to be something that had some kind of
database support too. To just automatically send the bill to the stored
Fax number whenever it's supposed to, like email..

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Brandon Bryant wrote:
> Are there any plans to have an option in Emerald to fax invoices
> to people? I thought it would be a nice halfway between postage
> and email.

I assume you mean with some integrated fashion to a fax system? The
send method can handle the additional types, but what fax system
would you be interested in?

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