Re: Monthly Call Consolidation / Calls Table

Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 02:49:23 -0400

You could create a new table to store the information you need from Calls
and trigger the Call table to insert into this new table every time Calls
gets inserted into.

Then you could run consolidation as often as you wanted on the Calls table
and your web pages could query the other table.

Just a thought.

= Kurt

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From: Glen Harvy <>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, October 18, 1998 10:31 PM
Subject: Monthly Call Consolidation / Calls Table

>Hi Dale,
>This is becoming a great concern to me. Frankly I don't think that the
>current version of Emerald is of any real value to my particular
>The 15th of October has come and gone and my problems have not been
>I would appreciate an answer please.....
>>Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 08:48:15 +1000
>>To: emerald
>>From: Glen Harvy <>
>>Subject: Monthly Call Consolidation / Calls Table
>>Hi Dale,
>>I asked this question late last month but didn't get a full response.
>Here's the details:
>>Using Emerald v2.2.23 . Billing cycle for me is 15th to the 14th of the
>following month inclusive.
>>I allow my callers to access the Calls Table using iHTML so they can keep
>tabs of how much time they have used during the current billing period. For
>this reason I will only run Call Consolidation on the morning of the 15th
>each month as I believe running it more often will result in the details in
>the Calls Table being "consolidated" with specific details of each call
>being lost.
>>In the past, every time I have run Call Consolidation, all the specific
>details of all calls prior to the first of the current month are being
>consolidated. The Calls Table is hence useless for my specific reasons
>>You have told me before that the above problem was "fixed" in version
>2.2.23 however I have been using that version now ever since I purchased
>>My users have had to put up with my excuses for three months now and I
>would like to think this month will be OK.
>>Can you confirm that Emerald is designed to work as I have described
>>If it isn't, I have no real concerns as to fitting my requirements into
>the demands of Emerald however I need to know in the next week or so so
>that I can change a good deal of my advertising material, web site, Bank
>expectations, customer notification etc etc.
>>Thanks in advance.
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