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MailingList Receiver wrote:
> I assume there is a way to specify the RADIUS call back attributes thru the client's SA record. Particularly, if I am going to send a command to initiate a call from the PM-3's location table, which RADIUS attribute(s) are used for that? This isn't very clear to me looking thru the RadiusNT documentation and comparing notes with the PM-3 command line/radius guide. I suppose this is an idea that is implemented rarely - if ever - from Emerald.

One thing you could do is use the RadTriggers program to call pmdial
(its a DOS program that tells the PM to dial a location). The trick
would be to set a really low session-timeout value, that would hang the
session up say 10 seconds after the call starts. I don't know how low
a setting you can use with the Session-Timeout though. You might have
runa batch file with a delay in it if its a single line to prevent a
busy signal.

One of the things we are working on with ComOS 3.8.x supporting call
authentication (not user authentication, call authentication is BEFORE
the phone is picked up and usually includes CallerID) is callback w/out
answering the phone. You might be able to configure RadiusNT and
the RadTriggers to work with that, if you have it.

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