Re: Multi-link PPP (Shotgun) Radius Profile

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 14:24:47 -0700

Greg Waugh wrote:
> I'm experiencing the same problem. If I'm on one channel I get this. I
> have concurrency checking on (which we want), but it's catching this one
> too. I have the Login Limit set to 2 which I thought is the override for
> this, but it doesn't make any difference (I've also tried 3 and 4). Same
> result.
> C:\radius>radlogin mpptest password
> Checking Radius user mpptest:
> Reply-Message = "User: mpptest already logged onto system 1 time(s).
> \012\0
> 15"
> Good: 0 Bad: 1 T/O: 0 Avg: 10
> Any help?

There are two things here. First, is the Login-Limit RADIUS attrbiute
that will cause the NAS to limit the number of channels. That
happens after auth, so it isn't your problem here.

If the service's login limit on the general tab if set to 2 and this
problem is still happening, make sure the variable login limits
option is checked in the RadiusNT admin. If its not, all services
are restricted to 1 login (no matter what the login limit field).

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