Re: Some minor problems with 2.5.74

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 01:20:30 -0700

Robert Boyle wrote:
> Oh no! I just realized that I sent THREE messages to the regular list. I am
> such an idiot!!! :O Here they are again:

Oh Well. :)

> Dale/IEA,
> This looks VERY nice so far. (Dale, I'm still waiting for the fixed version
> of RadiusNT - post 116) I am thinking about deploying this release into
> production next week. There are still some issues with E2.5/RNT2.5 which are:

Just don't call me when it breaks! I was having a compiler problem with
RadoisMT 2.5.122. I finally got around the problem and will post it

> 1. In Radlogs, the NASIdentifier, NASPort, CallerID are always blank
> because RadiusNT isn't inserting anything.

Thats correct.

> 2. In Emerald, on the Rad Log screen, clicking on the header doesn't sort
> the contents of that field: Date, Username, Description, etc...

The one I'm about to post does. I have been changing as many of the old
grids to ListViews as I can. Still have a few to go (like on the user edit

> 3. In On-Line, it would be nice if Emerald also displayed the CallerID
> field if available. I can add it to the trigger and view.


> 4. TSGraph always says that there are 0 calls so it doesn't graph much! :P
> (Yes there are calls in the calls table!)

Remove the time portion from the dates and see if it works. I have had
some people report that TS Graph didn't graph anything, and that correceted
it. I'll default the dates w/out the times.

> I'm still reading the docs trying to get a handle on exactly how 2.5 works
> before I report things that I think are bugs that I simply don't understand
> yet. The billing looks better, but far more confusing! ,) Overall, a MAJOR
> update. It looks like it makes Emerald everything we want it to be. We'll
> see how the billing works later this month.

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