Re: Some minor problems with 2.5.74 (II)

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 01:00:52 -0700

Robert Boyle wrote:
> Oh no! I just realized that I sent THREE messages to the regular list. I am
> such an idiot!!! :O Here they are again:
> A few more...
> * In the SubAccount, Services Tab, Time On gives a "Error in SQL Statement"
> message.

Was that with the quick check enabled or disabled? I just tried both
against our database here and they both worked fine.

> * Debug mode doesn't work. I tried to look at the SQL statement above, but
> it doesn't show anything.

Debug mode does two things. First, it allows more of the SQL messages and
errors to be displayed. Secondly, which replaces the old SQL Statement
text boxes, is that it puts the last SQL Statement executed in the
clipboard. Therefore, when an error ocurrs, just paste into isql_w or
something and it will show the error.

> * The top level menu changes when a subaccount is open. This is REALLY
> annoying since I need to close whatever I'm in to check anything else. Not
> to mention that the interface is very logical except for this aberration.
> Everything else allows switching between sub-windows.

The User edit window is the only other with its own menus. I'll have to see
what I can do about it.

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