Re: Radius not receiving logoff message

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 11:58:37 -0700

Fernando M. Kiernan wrote:
> Please give us a more detailed description of this feature
> (specifically for a USR-TC) because with choosed the standard version
> thinnking there is not a reason to choose the Enterprise (we don't use
> proxy, nor plan to use SNMP), but this feature may change our point of view.

> Currently, not by itself. Livingston PMs will send a reboot accounting
> message that RadiusNT knows and will clear all lines for that NAS. We
> have SNMP extensions for RadiusNT that can verify the port status on
> the fly. This has been tested with USR and Livingston gear so far. We
> are working on support for some of the others (like Ascend).

If you have an enterprise license and have SNMP configured and
working, RadiusNT can make SNMP requests to verify whether the
data in the calls online for that user is correct or not. It will
NOT update the calls online. Its just verify whether the user is
still on-line as listed by the calls online. The goal is to
prevent any false denial, rather than prevent 100% concurrency.
I'll see about updating the current 2.5 docs to include information
on this SNMP feature as well.

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