Radius not receiving logoff message

Edsonet ( administrator@yellowhead.com )
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 07:25:49 -0600

RadiusNT is working great! Our power system used to be so reliable, but
lately it has been up and down like a toilet seat. Our system was UPS
protected except for the modem pool. When we got a power failure, RadiusNT
would not receive (or would not process) all of the logoff messages because
they all happened at once. When this happens, the customer cannot log back
in again. So we installed a UPS on the modem pool. This has reduced the
problem, but not eliminated it. Since this is a small town, power failures
usually affect the whole town and all the customers go down at once anyway,
and the logoffs are only slightly staggered.

Is there any way of handling this problem within RadiusNT?

J.A. Coutts
Systems Engineer