Re: CallsOnline - table vs query?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 23:35:50 -0700

Ted Olson wrote:
> Just a low-key question: What are the reasons or opinions, one way or the
> other, for setting up a CallsOnline table versus just running a query?
> We've been using the query method for quite some time now, just curious
> about the rationale or possible uses/advantages for the table...

A query is a one of providing data without having to understand the
details of where the data is coming from. The advantage on the
user side of a query is that the query can be adapted to what the
user wants. Queries are a way of dynamically re-shaping data.

In SQL Server a stored procedure (like a query) can be pre-compiled
and offer significant performance benefits over just executing a

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