Re: Basic Radius Setup

Mike Rabaut ( )
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 12:52:01 -0400


Please comment on this...

To make up a special account type and limit the access times say from 5pm to
10pm, I would have to:

Have Manual Calls Update and Concurrencty Control checked in th Admin window.

Make sure that the ServerAccess table has all of the ports available listed
for the ServerID.

Create a new account type in the account type table.

Create a user account in the MasterAccount and SubAccount tables adding the
new account type to this user profile in the SubAccount table.

Populate the Server Access Table with the ServerID and all ports for that

Add the new account type and the StartTime and StopTime (In what format????)
to a given port in the Server Access Table. I could have multiple account
types for a given port using duplicate port entries.

Is this correct??

Your comments would be appreciated.


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