Basic Radius Setup

rabaut ( )
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 18:30:11 -0400


I need some help with the RadiusNT table setup.
First, I have it running fine using Access against a Bay Networks RAC.

To setup an account so a user can only login once, I need to set up the
SubAccounts LoginLimit = 1 ... What else do I need to set?? and where??

Is the CallsOnline just info from the Servers and ServerPorts tables? If
so, i don't seem to be collecting any info there...

To get the StartTime/StopTime working, do I need to manually populate the
entire ServerAccess table?

Do I copy the ServerID from the Servers table and the Port from the
ServerPorts table for the ServerAccess table?

Can I assume that the start and stop times are based on the account types
and not on the user??

Can I make up a special account type and then assign unique start and stop

Thanks for the help

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