Re: OK, any online docs on populating serverports table?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 00:47:32 -0700

> Jason Chimney wrote:
> All seems to be going well on the authenticating side of things. Now I have
> turned my attention to accounting. My calls table works fine, but my calls
> online query doesn't, I realize this is due to the fact that my serverports
> table is empty.
> Anyone care to give any insight on populating this table. I look at the calls
> table but each port seems to be bound to more than 1 IP address (i.e. calls
> coming in on any given port are not always assigned the same IP address, is
> this ok?)

The only two important fields in the ServePorts table (unless you turn on
features like Server Port Access or ConCurrency control) are ServerID and
Port. The ServerID should match the ServerID of the server this port is
associated to (from the servers table). The Port should match what the NAS
sends in the NAS-Port attribute for accounting records. For example a
livingston PM3 sends 0-47 for a dual CT1 configuration. You need a
record for EACH port. RadiusNT will update the serverports table (via
the CallsOnline view or directly), but it will not add entries to the

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