Re: OK, any online docs on populating serverports table?

James B. Hrdy ( (no email) )
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 08:19:45 +0000

If you have a bunch of call records, you could query them into the serverports table.

The calls table has the server ports in it and if you do a where unique update sort of query,
you can get them into the serverports table. This is especially helpfull when dealing with a
bunch of NAS's....

> > Jason Chimney wrote:
> >
> > All seems to be going well on the authenticating side of things. Now I
> > have turned my attention to accounting. My calls table works fine, but
> > my calls online query doesn't, I realize this is due to the fact that my
> > serverports table is empty.
> >
> > Anyone care to give any insight on populating this table. I look at the
> > calls table but each port seems to be bound to more than 1 IP address
> > (i.e. calls coming in on any given port are not always assigned the same
> > IP address, is this ok?)
> The only two important fields in the ServePorts table (unless you turn on
> features like Server Port Access or ConCurrency control) are ServerID and
> Port. The ServerID should match the ServerID of the server this port is
> associated to (from the servers table). The Port should match what the
> NAS sends in the NAS-Port attribute for accounting records. For example a
> livingston PM3 sends 0-47 for a dual CT1 configuration. You need a record
> for EACH port. RadiusNT will update the serverports table (via the
> CallsOnline view or directly), but it will not add entries to the table.
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