Re: USR Upagrde problem

2Day Internet ( (no email) )
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 19:32:44 +1200

>This could be an issue with IP Addresses. Using the latest RadiusNT,
>go into the Admin and choose your primary IP address from the list.
>Does the USR have any kind of debug to see what the issue is? It
>looks like RadiusNT is working fine.

Progress, have 3Com engineer on phone.. I have it authenticating (more on
this later)

Back to accounting issue. The Netserver is sending AcctSessionID of
username-xxxx every time.

i.e. Its a long string which is not incrementing. Surely this is not right?
SQL server wont insert the record due to a primary key constraint.

First call gets logged then forget the rest.

Does 3COM read RFC's?


Peter Mott
Chief Enthusiast
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