RE: USR Upagrde problem

Chris Thomas ( )
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 15:46:17 +0800

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> >This could be an issue with IP Addresses. Using the latest RadiusNT,
> >go into the Admin and choose your primary IP address from the list.
> >Does the USR have any kind of debug to see what the issue is? It
> >looks like RadiusNT is working fine.
> Progress, have 3Com engineer on phone.. I have it
> authenticating (more on
> this later)
> Back to accounting issue. The Netserver is sending AcctSessionID of
> username-xxxx every time.
> i.e. Its a long string which is not incrementing. Surely
> this is not right?
> SQL server wont insert the record due to a primary key constraint.

This is what we saw as well. When I spoke with 3Com techs, they were
suprised and said that they didn't think it followed RFC, but it seems
that that is the way it's done in NS Plus. We increased the SQL record
size for that field and the problem was solved.

> First call gets logged then forget the rest.
> Does 3COM read RFC's?

Not in this case it seems.