Re: RadiusNT 2.5.124 startup problem

2Day Internet ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 18:39:30 +1200

Anybody have any ideas about following ...?

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From: 2Day Internet <>
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Date: Monday, 15 June 1998 19:05
Subject: RadiusNT 2.5.124 startup problem

>Until recently I have been running RadiusNT in debug mode. I have just
>taken to starting it as a service when the machine starts.
>It does not seem to want to authenticate when started in this way however.
>If I stop the service and then restart it after boot time, it starts
>Is it possible it is attempting to communicate with MS SQL dB before SQL
>server has completed startup?
>Is there some way of having RadiusNT retry the odbc connect if it does not
>successfully connect the first time?