Fw: multilink

Andrew Hall ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 16:08:46 +1000

USR NAS support it.. I tried with two channels as suggested, and it works
fine, each channel seems to be treated individually. My problem now is how
do I automate it under radius NT? Basically I would like to offer rubber
bandwidth and allow the addition of a third link to two permanents for a set
amount of time. The two permanents should stay up all the time..

So.. I guess I need some kind of conditional script that will allow zero
session time out for the first two channels and a 3 hour timeout for the



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>>>> Andrew Hall wrote:
>>>> Question..
>>>> Does anyone know of anyway to define different radius reply attributes
>>>> different connections in a multilink bundle. In other words I want to
>>>> to set a session timeout only on one link only of a multilink PPP
>>>> Can this be done, will Radiusnt support it?
>>>I'm not sure if a NAS supports this. It would be interested to try,
>>>though. What you could do to see if it would work if connect the
>>>first channel, change the Session-Timeout to a low number (like say
>>>three minutes) and then connect the second channel. If the second
>>>channels drops in three minutes, then it is supported. I would
>>>guess that MOST nases see the ports as a single session, though.
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