Text backup

Greg Lowthian ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 11:07:53 -0700

I did the 2.5 install and everything went well.
I tried Text Backup and no luck. In -x15 mode it shows
that it is repeatedly trying to make an ODBC connection
while SQL is stopped. Also I tried it in both mode
(text & ODBC) and -x15 shows it not finding a username
in the ODBC database and trying the userfile but it cant
find it there either.

Not Found in ODBC, Checking users file...
rad_auth(): user_find(glowthia) error = Neither User Nor Default
Authenticate: from isatdev - Neither User Nor Default Name:

Sending Reject of id 185 to d14d0706 (isatdev)