Re: CallsOnline still not working!!

Peter Mott ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 19:32:45 +1200

>I'll assume you mean 2.5.124.

Yep, getting ahead of you a bit, sorry!

>If the trigger is installed (you can right-click over the calls table
>in Enterprise manager to see if there is a trigger on the calls table)
>then there are two other issues.

Nope, no trigger, and I've checked radiusnt.sql and it dont have it there
from what I can see, will check your site again.

Can you post the CREATE TRIGGER script to list so I can paste it right in?

>First, make sure you are actually receiving accounting information from
>your NAS (debug will show requests with an Acct-Status-Type line).

It creates start and stop records ok

>Secondly, make sure you added entrires to your ServerPorts table for
>each port of each server. The ServerID field should match the ServerID
>from from the Servers table, and the Port field should match the entries
>in the NAS-port attribute of your accounting records.

This was done ok.


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