Re: couldn't open server to find servers

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 01:40:45 -0700

Jerry Mahler wrote:
> I just installed RadiusNT 25 on Windows NT Server 4.0.
> I used the example clients file (with additions for the local machine) and
> the example users file (adjusting the expiration date to be in the future).
> I launched RadiusNT in debug mode ("radius -x15").
> However, when I enter "radlogin steve testing 1" in a separate console
> window, I get the following error:
> "(null): couldn't open server to find servers"
> In the radius console, I see the decrypted pwd as some garbage string.
> Any ideas?

You need to create the server file. This is covered in the RadiusNT
documentation, under the testing section.

> I tried the above to help in debugging my REAL problem, which is that I
> can't get a Windows NT Server 4.0 Routing and Remote Access Server to
> authenicate any users. I get the error that the CHAP response (which seems
> to be an emtpy string) is incorrect. Any ideas on this problem?

Most likely the secret you have in the clients file for the RRAS machine
doesn't match the secret you have in RRAS itself.

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