Re: RadiusNT and Cisco AS5200

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 11 May 1998 13:38:44 -0700

Alberto Velo wrote:
> Some questions, since we're going to use radiusNT with a Cisco AS-5200
> (radiusNT working with MS-SQL).
> 1- is it possible to set a range of ports the user can login at?
> Example: user john can login at ports 1 through 10, but not 11 to 30.

Yes. See Server Port Access in the documentation.

> 2- Time banking: does it mean total time, or time per call?
> Ex: I set user john for 1 hour total time; does this mean john can place 1
> hour length calls, or calls for a total of 1 hours and then the NAS will
> reject further calls until I enable him again in the database?
> Can you set a port range, or ports one by one?

Time banking is a non-recurring time that user can accumulatively
login. Each session time is decremented from the user's total time
alloed, and then they are rejected. Time banking is per user, not
per NAS or port.

> 3- logging: does accounting include traffic statistics?
> Ex. john called today and transferred files for a total of 200Kbytes

Depends on the NAS. Accounts is logged into the Calls table, and
may include Acct-Input-Octets and Acct-Output-Octets (which is
bytes in from the user, and bytes out to the user).

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