RE: USR Total Control

Michael Whisenant ( )
Mon, 11 May 1998 15:39:37 -0500

I found the formula from the developer at 3Com. The NAS port is the
{report density *slot # + channel #}. Therefore, for a modem on the 12
channel in slot 5 the reported NAS port would be 1028. The slot#'s listed
on the chassis start at 1, yet the reported slot for multiplation starts at
0. The reported density is defaulted to 256. You can find this out by "sh
pbus settings".

(256 * {5-1} +12) = 1028.

So for a chassis with 10 HiPer DSPs the number of ports assigned would
need to be 2328. Rather than have thousands of ports incorrrectly, can I
somehow run a script that populates the server for that NAS correctly? If
so, can you recommend the script to run?
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