RadiusNT and Cisco AS5200

Alberto Velo ( albe@ihnet.it )
Mon, 11 May 1998 19:27:50 +0200

Some questions, since we're going to use radiusNT with a Cisco AS-5200
(radiusNT working with MS-SQL).

1- is it possible to set a range of ports the user can login at?
Example: user john can login at ports 1 through 10, but not 11 to 30.

2- Time banking: does it mean total time, or time per call?
Ex: I set user john for 1 hour total time; does this mean john can place 1
hour length calls, or calls for a total of 1 hours and then the NAS will
reject further calls until I enable him again in the database?
Can you set a port range, or ports one by one?

3- logging: does accounting include traffic statistics?
Ex. john called today and transferred files for a total of 200Kbytes

Bye, AL
Gruppo IH S.r.l.