Shiva accounting probs

Paul W. Wilcox ( (no email) )
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 18:49:39 +1000

I believe this may be the same problem as the Ascend MAX question recently
asked. However we have a Shiva based network (Access switches and
Lanrover/E's scattered around regional nodes) authenticating through RADIUS
NT 2.2 / MS Access 97

After an unexpected restart, one of our regional LanRovers is constantly
sending accounting packets to the server, and whilst the server gets the
info, and logs it the LanRover is not receiving (or accepting?) the

It has now got to the point where our access db has blown out by about 30Mb
per day, this is obviously bringing our sytem to it's knees.

Any ideas how we can stop this problem?


Paul W

Paul W. Wilcox
Surf The Net Australia