Re: radius and NT RAS

Kevin Ingram ( (no email) )
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:33:07 -0500

I have several RRAS machines authenticating off RadiusNT, along with PM2E,
and working fine. Pretty much the same setup both ways, just setting up RRAS
with the Radius info and Radius with the addresses and secrets. Had both in
operation for over a year with never a hitch. The only big difference I am
aware of is the great difference in accounting info supplied to Radius from
the PM2 compared to RRAS, but authentications are the same.

Be sure to delete the CHAP and SPAP keys in the registry after setting up
RRAS, or your password will not be correct. If you need the full registry
path let me know. Any time you change RRAS settings you will need to do this
again. Other than that, it works the same.

Kevin Ingram

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From: Mike Millner <>
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Date: Saturday, April 25, 1998 2:22 PM
Subject: radius and NT RAS

>I have tried to get authentication from radius and customers dialing into
>NT machine with the new RAS from Microsoft. They only user it lets in is a
>customer who uses Linux. The others it won't let in. I also had the same
>problem when trying Livingston Radius. Anyone had any luck getting radius
>work with NT RAS? I think Microsoft's RAS needs some more work to cooperate
>with any Radius.
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