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Mon, 31 Aug 1998 00:00:49 -0700

Message 1: setting up a small-scale hosting service
from Adrian Teasdale <ishow@adecreative.com>

Message 2: Re: network monitoring software
from "Paul W. Wilcox" <paulw@surfthe.net.au>

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Subject: setting up a small-scale hosting service
From: Adrian Teasdale <ishow@adecreative.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 98 10:49:16 +0100


I have my own dedicated server which I use for my own clients sites and I
would like to start hosting on it (on a very small scale) to try to
off-set some of the cost of the server. The current setup on the server

Pentium 200MMX
64Mb RAM
6 Gig HD

Microsoft IIS4
FTP by War-FTP
Email using iMail from Ipswitch
Stats using Statistics Server from mediahouse
Cold Fusion 3.1.1
Timbuktu (for remote administration - only for myself)

I have four questions really....

1. have I missed anything in my setup above that a normal hosting
provider would offer?

2. Are there any other utilities which a hosting provider would need?

3. Where can I get good information on securing IIS and NT?

4. Are there any utilities/scripts to automate the process of setting up
accounts for people?

I know I'm asking a lot in my first email, but any help would be



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Subject: Re: network monitoring software
From: "Paul W. Wilcox" <paulw@surfthe.net.au>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 21:13:58 +1000


Check out Statmon, it was designed for monitoring of remote broadcast
stations etc, however covers absolutely everything you could want on an NT
based network, including the facility (with the addition of an I/O board) to
cold reboot machines either remotely or upon failure of a certain parameter.
It's companion program taskmon also restarts pre determined services which
have stopped for one reason or another.



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From: Preston Korn <preston@jaycreek.com>
To: ntisp@iea-software.com <ntisp@iea-software.com>
Date: Saturday, August 29, 1998 5:16 AM
Subject: network monitoring software

>Does anyone have suggestions for a network monitoring software that will
>alert us if there is trouble? For example, I'm looking at Attention
>Software (www.attentionsoftware.com) does anyone have experience with this
>software? Any suggestions for other packages?