RE: newbies ISP setup

Greg Lowthian ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 09:35:11 -0700

This is the best way to go. I would run web, DNS and mail on
identical machines with each software installed on at least two
them with the services disabled. I have a customer that is
DNS on a duel PII 400 with hardware striped SCSI 9Gig drives (way
over kill) but when his web server crashed he thanked me for
him spend the money when he was back up in the time it takes to
an IP address to the DNS machine.
I have several friends that are ISP's and have NT problems all
the time
but they run this, that and the other on one machine. I run one
thing on
one machine DNS, Mail, News, IIS, SQL, List and so on. I don't
ever have
NT problems.
A must have is VNC. This is like Remotely Possible or PC Anywhere
but better
and can be run from any Web browser to completely control your
machines best
of all its FREE.

> on the computers (e.) you should figure out your
> budget and see how
> many separate machines you can afford. you could run
> it all on one
> machine but we have never gone that way. you can even
> get carried away a
> bit and run it all on identical hardware
> to keep things simpler. we run everything on
> identical compaq proliants
> with mirrored hard drives, dual power supplies etc.