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Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:25:04 +1000

I have just been through that setup exactly.
We are a small service company but our budget was AUS$30k to setup an ISP.

We went with an NT only setup.
Ascend Pipeline 130 Router
2x PII 266 with 256Mb RAM and 2x9GB mirrored SCSI.
Equinox 32Port I/O and 32 33.6kb Modems

We run all the dialins and the Backup DNS and NTMail on one server and
MSProxy2 + Primary DNS and IIS on the other.
We have been using this setup for 9 months and have had NO problems.
I strongly recommend BIND for your DNS as we tried MSDNS and it is

Malcolm Joosse
Technical Director
Hotline Support Pty. Ltd. " Our Service is your Support "

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Date: Tuesday, 25 August 1998 0:50
Subject: Re: newbies ISP setup

>To: All good people out there.
>Thanks for so many reply to my newbies problem. Anyway here's my scenerio:
>I have a budget of US$50K.
>I need to set up the followings :-
>ISP services with 56Kbps dial-up 32 lines.
>Equipments I need ?? :
>a. Cisco Router (or Ascend if cheaper)?
>b. CSU/DSU ?
>c. 56K modem rack (Hayes/Compaq??)
>d. NAS (Computone??)?
>(can c. & d. units be Ascend Max 4000 or PM3)?
>e. Web & DNS Server (MS IIS / DNS)
>f. Mail Server (Imail 4.0)
>g. HP Surestore DAT with Seagate Backup
>h. Radius and ISP billing Software.
>i. Misc: Racks / UPS /
>Did I miss anything??
>Can this be achieve with US$50K??
>Anybody have a turnkey 2nd Hand system to sell??
>Thank you