Re: newbies ISP setup

matthew ( )
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:50:48 -0400

ok. you should have started with this list...

a. cisco router. 2501 is all you need for a while.
b. csu/dsu tylink or adtrans
c. usr total control with hiper arc and 2 hiper dsp (or pm3)
d. c. takes care of c. and d. and provides up to 46 56k dialups and/or
e. a good quality pentium II 300 or better. we're partial to compaq
proliants but
for a startup you could get most any machines from a good clone
builder who is
familar with nt. for software we use website pro but iis isn't bad.
website is
just what we started with long before iis existed.
f. ipswitch's imail is great. we use it.
g. we also use surestore. good solid stuff.
h. rodopi for acct. software and use the usr radius.
i. get something like an apc 1400 (rackmount) you won't need rackmount
yet but
if you grow at all you certainly will and it would be nice to be

on the computers (e.) you should figure out your budget and see how
many separate machines you can afford. you could run it all on one
machine but we have never gone that way. you can even get carried away a
bit and run it all on identical hardware
to keep things simpler. we run everything on identical compaq proliants
with mirrored hard drives, dual power supplies etc.

compaq and dell are offering some pretty decent entry level nt servers
these days.

you should spend a lot of time online reading faq's and mailing lists.


Ken Chua wrote:
> To: All good people out there.
> Thanks for so many reply to my newbies problem. Anyway here's my scenerio:
> I have a budget of US$50K.
> I need to set up the followings :-
> ISP services with 56Kbps dial-up 32 lines.
> Equipments I need ?? :
> a. Cisco Router (or Ascend if cheaper)?
> b. CSU/DSU ?
> c. 56K modem rack (Hayes/Compaq??)
> d. NAS (Computone??)?
> (can c. & d. units be Ascend Max 4000 or PM3)?
> e. Web & DNS Server (MS IIS / DNS)
> f. Mail Server (Imail 4.0)
> g. HP Surestore DAT with Seagate Backup
> h. Radius and ISP billing Software.
> i. Misc: Racks / UPS /
> Did I miss anything??
> Can this be achieve with US$50K??
> Anybody have a turnkey 2nd Hand system to sell??
> Thank you
> Ken