Re: ISDN & Stuff - Questions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:40:42 -0700

John Lange wrote:
> I am an ISP, but due to limitations by GTE we cannot do ISDN so I am out of
> my realm here.

If you can get a T1 from GTE, then you can do 56k DOV ISDN. I've done
that here in GTE land and it does work.

> We have a computer customer in an area that does support ISDN and I have a
> few questions. I am going to call their ISP in the morning, but I would
> like to sound intelligent when I call them.
> 1. Using and ISDN Router Combo, can a company host there own SMALL web,
> mail, ftp server?

Sure. But ISDN is a dial technology and WILL go down.

> 2. Do ISP's usually allocate ip address' with 24X7 Unlimited access?

ISDN has two classes. One is the dial use, which usually has the same
like the modem dialup. THe other is the dedicated/routed which usually
is a nailed connection with a subnet.

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