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John Lange ( )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 18:51:33 -0500

HI & Thanks

I am an ISP, but due to limitations by GTE we cannot do ISDN so I am out of
my realm here.

We have a computer customer in an area that does support ISDN and I have a
few questions. I am going to call their ISP in the morning, but I would
like to sound intelligent when I call them.

1. Using and ISDN Router Combo, can a company host there own SMALL web,
mail, ftp server?
2. Do ISP's usually allocate ip address' with 24X7 Unlimited access?
3. Is the 3Com Office Connect 511 a reasonable unit?
4. Is there a better choice???

Any other tidbits of info you can lend me???

Thanks again
JOhn :}

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