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We have a number of ISDN customers here that host their own mail servers on
ISDN and a few that host their web server over it. Usually they want their
websites to be on our end of the ISDN so it is faster to whoever is loading
it and if for some reason their ISDN is down their site is still up.
Usually they wish to keep their mail servers on their end of the ISDN so
all of the inter-office mail does nto have to pass up and down the ISDN.

As for the IP's most of our 24/7 customers are assigned either a subnet of
8, 16, or 32 IPs depending on what they need.

The Office Connect 511 is a nice little unit, we sell alot of 3Com stuff,
usually the 521 or 531. I have the 521 at home and I have NO complaints
about it. It connects very well with my 3Com Total Control on the other
end.. :) We also sell the Ascend Pipeline 50's, and 75's to ISDN
customers. I personally like the Office Connect better, but that is just
personal preference.

Lamar Townsend
Microgear Computers & Microgear.Net

John Lange <> on 08/18/98 06:51:33 PM

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Subject: ISDN & Stuff - Questions

HI & Thanks
I am an ISP, but due to limitations by GTE we cannot do ISDN so I am out of
my realm here.
We have a computer customer in an area that does support ISDN and I have a
few questions. I am going to call their ISP in the morning, but I would
like to sound intelligent when I call them.
1. Using and ISDN Router Combo, can a company host there own SMALL web,
mail, ftp server?
2. Do ISP's usually allocate ip address' with 24X7 Unlimited access?
3. Is the 3Com Office Connect 511 a reasonable unit?
4. Is there a better choice???
Any other tidbits of info you can lend me???
Thanks again
JOhn :}

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