Re: Entering Partial URL in Communicator 4.04

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 09:05:53 +0800

It's set to 9 days.

But typing just cnn still won't resolve to

What else could be wrong ? Should I just upgrade to 4.05 which has smart
browsing ?

- Danny Sinang

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From: Adam Breaux <>
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Date: Tuesday, August 18, 1998 3:27 AM
Subject: Re: Entering Partial URL in Communicator 4.04

>This is controlled by "Pages in history expire after: ____ days
>With it set to 0 it will not keep the list. It's really unclear why this is
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>From: Danny Sinang <>
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>Date: Saturday, August 15, 1998 7:43 AM
>Subject: Entering Partial URL in Communicator 4.04
>A customer of ours is asking why the communicator 4.04 we installed on her
>mom's PC doesn't support the entering of partial URL's. I was caught by
>surprise. I wasn't aware of any such features. She also told me that she
>uses Netscape Gold 3.0 and it did support it. It works this way - you just
>type "hotmail" in the GoTo field and it will direct you to
>This is confirmed by 4.04's docs saying :
>To enter partial URLs
>If you omit certain parts of a URL in the location field, Navigator
>automatically completes the entry. You can
>omit the following:
> The prefix http://. Navigator automatically adds the necessary prefix to
>complete the URL search.
> The partial pathname http://www.. Navigator automatically adds the
>necessary pathname to complete the
> URL search.
> The suffix .com; Navigator automatically adds this suffix if none is
>On Windows, when you begin to type a URL in the location field, Navigator
>attempts to automatically complete
>the URL. As you type, Navigator checks for previously visited URLs that
>match the letters you have typed and,
>if a match is found, fills in the remainder of the letters. If more than
>match occurs, you can press the
>down-arrow key to fill in the next matching URL.
>Also on Windows, the location field offers a pop-up menu to the right of
>field. The menu contains up to 14
>URLs of pages whose locations you've most recently typed into the field and
>viewed. Choosing a URL item from
>this menu brings the page to your screen again. The URLs are retained in
>menu for each of your Navigator
>So my question is, why is our version of Netscape not working this way ?
>do I make it work ? I've looked at the preferences menu and found nothing
>Anybody have any ideas ?
>Hope somebody could help me.
>- Danny Sinang