Entering Partial URL in Communicator 4.04

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 19:42:13 +0800


A customer of ours is asking why the communicator 4.04 we installed on her
mom's PC doesn't support the entering of partial URL's. I was caught by
surprise. I wasn't aware of any such features. She also told me that she
uses Netscape Gold 3.0 and it did support it. It works this way - you just
type "hotmail" in the GoTo field and it will direct you to www.hotmail.com .

This is confirmed by 4.04's docs saying :

To enter partial URLs

If you omit certain parts of a URL in the location field, Navigator
automatically completes the entry. You can
omit the following:

The prefix http://. Navigator automatically adds the necessary prefix to
complete the URL search.

The partial pathname http://www.. Navigator automatically adds the
necessary pathname to complete the
URL search.

The suffix .com; Navigator automatically adds this suffix if none is

On Windows, when you begin to type a URL in the location field, Navigator
attempts to automatically complete
the URL. As you type, Navigator checks for previously visited URLs that
match the letters you have typed and,
if a match is found, fills in the remainder of the letters. If more than one
match occurs, you can press the
down-arrow key to fill in the next matching URL.
Also on Windows, the location field offers a pop-up menu to the right of the
field. The menu contains up to 14
URLs of pages whose locations you've most recently typed into the field and
viewed. Choosing a URL item from
this menu brings the page to your screen again. The URLs are retained in the
menu for each of your Navigator


So my question is, why is our version of Netscape not working this way ? How
do I make it work ? I've looked at the preferences menu and found nothing to

Anybody have any ideas ?

Hope somebody could help me.

- Danny Sinang