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If the problem you are having is that people are not able to FTP to their
directories on your web server, there is a very specific procedure I follow
to set up users on NT, to set permissions on directories, and to set up
virtual web sites in IIS4 that WORKS. If you'd like me to send you a copy
of the procedure, I can e-mail you a Word document attachment or fax it to

If that's not your problem, then good luck!!!

Adam Greene
Webjogger Internet Services

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Date: 13 July 1998 12:04
Subject: Re: IIS4 Problems...

>I ran across this
>the timeout is set way to high for open connections to the web server, when
>I installed it it was set to 900 seconds, it locks the pages and their that
>anyone is looking at for that 900 seconds, and if someone reloads then the
>time starts over. I changed the timeout to 120 and have had no problems
>At 11:53 AM 7/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>It seems that the Microsoft v.4 bug has arisen again (once more to the
>>of my hair).
>>I'm having a problem with IIS4 on NT Server 4. It locks all files for
>>exclusive use all the time. I've got customers calling in saying that
>>cannot update their pages, all the time. I'm not able to remove people's
>>sites after they quit. I've got my Creative Services team starting up a
>>lynching mob.
>>Anyone got any ideas on this?
>>Brian Lube
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