Re: IIS4.0, is it worth it?

Brian Lube ( )
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 14:06:01 -0400

The biggest improvement (IMHO) is multiple domains. You can have multiple
domains now that are not all hooked off of the same root area with
mappings. Each domain has it's own logging capability, and can have it's
own anonymous directory. All of these things were important to us when we
made the decision to switch. Also, we've seen that IIS4 handles ASP better
than IIS3, and FP98 is built in.

That's just what we've noticed here as for IIS4. It a bit slower, but
seems to actually be an improvement (when you can find all those pesky
variable that one can miss <g>).

just my $.02

Brian Lube

At 01:03 PM 7/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I am running NT 4.0 SP3 with IIS 3.0, I was wondering the opinions of the
>people on this list of how much is it worth to upgrade to IIS 4.0. I have
>known people to upgrade, then have problems because they used the alias of a
>tilde (~) example, Like with UNIX. I have not
>had any problems yet. What are the pros and cons of IIS 4.0? Are there
>any? Would appreciate input very much!
>Beverly L. Wise
>Systems Operator
>Falls City Net Services