Re: IIS4.0, is it worth it?

Michael Whisenant ( )
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:17:09 -0500

So Brian (or anyone else on the list);

Is there a method in IIS4 to give someone FP extensions on a sub web
without that person being in the NT SAM database? If not then I imagine
you have a groups of users in a local group that have very restricted
rights? Can you give me an example. I have made sure the machine is NOT a
domain controller, backup controller, etc, just a plain server. I really
do not want to have several thousands of domain users running around trying
to manage. I wished that NT had a reality check on managing users and a
directory method that was logical.

I am looking to change to IIS4, but do not want to set up groups and
permissions to a directory structure in the OS for simple web publishing.

At 02:06 PM 7/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>The biggest improvement (IMHO) is multiple domains. You can have multiple
>domains now that are not all hooked off of the same root area with
>mappings. Each domain has it's own logging capability, and can have it's
>own anonymous directory. All of these things were important to us when we
>made the decision to switch. Also, we've seen that IIS4 handles ASP better
>than IIS3, and FP98 is built in.
>That's just what we've noticed here as for IIS4. It a bit slower, but
>seems to actually be an improvement (when you can find all those pesky
>variable that one can miss <g>).
>just my $.02
>Brian Lube
>At 01:03 PM 7/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>I am running NT 4.0 SP3 with IIS 3.0, I was wondering the opinions of the
>>people on this list of how much is it worth to upgrade to IIS 4.0. I have
>>known people to upgrade, then have problems because they used the alias of a
>>tilde (~) example, Like with UNIX. I have not
>>had any problems yet. What are the pros and cons of IIS 4.0? Are there
>>any? Would appreciate input very much!
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