Re: NT on drive > 2gig?

Mike@NetDotCom ( (no email) )
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:51:14 -0400

The largest I tried was a 3.2 GB that work as a single partition.

Any larger, I partition into 1Gb (C) and 3+GB (D)


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From: Paul Sheahan <>
To: NTMail <>
Date: Monday, June 29, 1998 12:45 PM
Subject: NT on drive > 2gig?

>I have a system at home with the following config:
>Primary IDE Controller:
>Disk1: Western Digital 4 gig IDE
>Disk2: 12x Mitsumi CDROM
>Secondary IDE Controller:
>Disk3: Maxtor 2gig IDE
>Disk4: Samsung 1 gig IDE
>When I try to install NT 4.0 Server, it pops up and tells me it couldn't
>find a drive to install on. Is this because my primary drive is 4 gig and
>the largest boot drive NT can have is 2 gig?
>So next I tried using switches on the WINNT command line to tell it to use
>my Maxtor 2 gig to store the temporary files. This seemed to work, because
>the NT installation continued and copied all files there. Then it asked me
>to reboot to continue with the installation. After rebooting, I found that
>the boot record was not changed so the installation never continued! Again,
>is this because the boot drive is 4 gig in size?
>How do I get around this, break my 4 gig drive up into 2, 2 gig partitions?