NT on drive > 2gig?

Paul Sheahan ( (no email) )
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:35:59 -0400

I have a system at home with the following config:

Primary IDE Controller:
Disk1: Western Digital 4 gig IDE
Disk2: 12x Mitsumi CDROM

Secondary IDE Controller:
Disk3: Maxtor 2gig IDE
Disk4: Samsung 1 gig IDE

When I try to install NT 4.0 Server, it pops up and tells me it couldn't
find a drive to install on. Is this because my primary drive is 4 gig and
the largest boot drive NT can have is 2 gig?

So next I tried using switches on the WINNT command line to tell it to use
my Maxtor 2 gig to store the temporary files. This seemed to work, because
the NT installation continued and copied all files there. Then it asked me
to reboot to continue with the installation. After rebooting, I found that
the boot record was not changed so the installation never continued! Again,
is this because the boot drive is 4 gig in size?

How do I get around this, break my 4 gig drive up into 2, 2 gig partitions?