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Albert Churba ( )
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 13:13:04 -0400

Isn't there a function in Post Office to retrieve a list of accounts? I
remember this under Netscape. Login to the server as a POP and place "list" in the message body. This should
give you a text list of the first address of each mailbox. I used it when I
ported to NTMail. It was a good starting point for migration.

Can we not have this bashing about Post Office as we had in the past. They
SUCK and we all know it. Please...

MDaemon is a great product. Many of our clients use it and are quite happy.
We even started using ETRN with it.

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I have a client that uses MDaemon ( It's a great mail
server with 5000 accounts for $89.95. It also has a built in listserv

Only two drawbacks:
1. It doesn't host multiple domains without running multiple copies of the
app, and
2. It can not crack mail lists over about 30 subscribers internally. You
have to find another server to relay the mail through.

Supposedly, they're working on these two issues. Could David be in the
bullpen warming up to beat Goliath?


At 12:44 PM 6/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>More loose change;
> We have been using Post.Office since before ver 1.0. We used to have an
>unlimited licence, but had to give that up for version 3.x . Today we
>ordered an additional 1000 mail boxes at $995 (special ISP offer at that).
>It's a great server but the company doesn't seem to want to have ISP's as
>customers. They are too concerned about selling maintenance agreements,
>making $$$ off of corporate Intranets. Why have a listserv when you can
>make money off of people's questions?
> I think the other mail server companies are missing the boat. If they
>offer reasonable prices, unlimited licences, and an easy-to-use migration
>utility they could take Software.Com out of the ISP business. If it wasn't
>for all the accounts we would have to reenter we would seriously look at
>dumping Software.Com.
>At 09:15 PM 6/9/98 +0200, you wrote:
>>I just saw that Post-Office 3.5 is available, but when I saw
>>what a Postoffice 3.1.2 customer needs to pay as upgrade
>>I feel pissed off. 99$ per 100 e-mail addresses. They even make no
>>difference if you have licensed Postoffce version 1.x; 2.x; or 3.x.
>>Everyone has to pay the same when upgrading! Thinking back on
>>the BIG price increase from version 2.x to 3.x where one got
>>500 e-mails for 495$ now 100 e-mails for 495$, I thought that they
>>would be more cooperative on upgrades after this dramatic price
>>increase. I already wonder what the upgrade price will be from version
3.5 to
>>When looking the what's new in Postoffice 3.5 I find that
>>only minor changes and features were added which already should have
>>been in Postoffice for a long time. Important changes such as IMAP4
>>or a web interface for customers to access their mail when no mail client
>>is available are still missing!
>>They also gave the product a new name Intermail Postoffice edition.
>>Another problem I have with them is that they even don't offer a mailing
>>for Postoffice customers where customers can help themselves to resolve
>>problems even if problems are very rare with PostOffice. They want you to
>>buy their support packages.
>>On the other hand I must admit that the Postoffice E-Mail server works
>>flawlessly since we are using it. Rock solid never had a problem, but the
>>pricing strategy of is becoming a problem for us.
>>Just my 5 cents,
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