Re: NT Server

Otto Hoel ( )
Fri, 29 May 1998 20:21:13 -0400

Hi all,

>And the M715 motherboard. I've never heard of it and am a little

I'm in the same boat, kinda...

I'm in the process of starting an ISP. Got some of the equipment on hand,
and I now need to build a server or two. So what do you recommend for a
motherboard? I have heard good things about the ASUS and TYAN brands, are
there any other good ones?

What about hard drives? I will get SCSI and Adaptec 2940 controllers, but
I have no idea about the drives themselves. Personally I like Maxtor since
my two old 850Mb drives have been chugging along for years without a
hickup, while two Western 2.1Gb died on me.

Anything else I should look for? Which part of a server tend to break?
Where can I save money, and where should I go first class?