Re: Memory Leak problems.

Karl Hamson ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 May 1998 17:07:36 +0000

> Ok here is the scenario.
> I have for a few months now been battling one of our servers leaking memory.
> I have gone through and docuemented the problem what I think to be pretty
> thouroughly. There is 128MB of Physical RAM in the machine and counting
> virtual memory a total of around 187MB of memory. Right after a reboot
> there is an approximate usage of about 40MB of memory when you go into task
> manager. Within a week the Server runs out of memory and it is necessary
> to reboot. I have the following running on my machine:
> IMail latest version.
> MetaInfo DNS latest version.
> IIS3.0 with the Web and FTP service running.
> The server also serves as the PDC on our network and a secondary DNS server.
> Has anyone heard of any sort of problems with this configuration. This
> just started happening a few months ago and there really was no documented
> change that I can remember in the system config. Any help or advice would
> be much appreciated. Thanks,
We had similar problems, although not with the configuration you have.
The culpret in our case was Netscape Navigator, after removing the
broweser we've had no problems.
Karl Hamson / / Sage Networks Inc.